Production of Novel Human Collagens

BACKGROUND A powerful new platform technology for the production of human collagens is being developed in the Kadler Centre for Cell-Matrix Research within the Department of Life Sciences at the University of Manchester. The collagens most closely mimic human collagen structure, giving a far superior product to that produced by the harsh conditions necessary to extract animal collagens and can be tailored to incorporate binding sites for growth factors and cell attachment to promote integration and healing at wound sites. THE TECHNOLOGY The technology allows the process of procollagen assembly to be controlled, such that collagen fibrils with specified compositions can be generated. By directing the natural procollagen assembly process, the resulting collagen fibrils have significant advantages over existing products in terms of a near native molecular structure and ease of synthesis. These collagens can be formulated into bundles, sheets and lattices to mimic the various forms of human collagen. They can be delivered as semi-solid gels to wound sites giving increased retention of implant bulk or in an injectable form for dermal filling / cosmetic surgery applications. KEY BENEFITS
• A new approach to the $5 billion wound-care & cosmetic surgery markets
• Biosafety: Recombinant human collagen based, using GMP certified cell lines so avoiding viral & TSE infection risks from human cadaver / bovine sourced collagen
• Biocompatibility: Optimised mammalian intracellular processing and secretion, yielding near native, biologically stable collagen with improved allogenic tolerance
• Enhanced functionality: Procollagens are assembled into fibrils of defined size & composition and can be engineered with binding sites for specific cells & growth factors to promote healing / integration at wound sites APPLICATIONS
• Wound care: Novel dermal / epidermal gels to replace lost skin and help promote wound healing
• Dermal filling: in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery and potentially other medical applications
• Specialised industrial uses PATENT STATUS International process and product patents granted and further patents applied for. COLLABORATION OPPORTUNITY Of interest to Biopharma and Biotech companies particularly in the fields of aesthetic medicine and wound healing

Type of Offer: Licensing

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