Ultra High Bulk 3D Spacer Fabric Technology for Orthopaedic, Sports and Personal Protective Equipment Applications

BACKGROUND A new process for the development of a three dimensionally knitted, high bulk, flexible spacer fabric has been developed by the University of Manchester. 3D spacer structures are already being used in many applications including orthopaedic supports, protective clothing, car seats, mattresses and outdoor wear. The spacer structure gives numerous desirable properties which can be tailored for specific applications. THE TECHNOLOGY A 3D knitted spacer structure technology has been developed which yields fabrics with ultra high bulk characteristics. The novel process has been developed at the William Lee Innovation Centre (School of Materials, University of Manchester). The spacer structure, which is flexible and robust can be accurately positioned within a fabric, garment or other 3D knitted object to deliver specific properties in selected locations. An additional property is the ability to incorporate channels within the spacer structure which could house pipes, lines or cables. KEY BENEFITS
• Can be incorporated into fabrics, garments and other 3D objects
• Flexible
• Ultra high bulk
• Lightweight
• Resilient
• Soft
• Low frequency noise absorption APPLICATIONS
• Orthopaedics
• Sports equipment
• Personal protective equipment
• Acoustic insulation
• Samples prepared COLLABORATION OPPORTUNITY UMIP are looking to license the technology and are open to all forms of collaboration from licensing to research development programmes.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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