Transparent X-ray Beam Diagnostics

BACKGROUND Today X-ray beams are used in many areas in science and engineering. Their unique properties give a wealth of information in a non-destructive manner. Research with highly collimated beams such as produced by synchrotron and electron laser facilities provide powerful probes for microscopic samples. Precise localisation and control of these pencil x-ray beams that illuminate samples with ever decreasing dimensions is becoming extremely difficult. Devices that can accurately measure beam position and shape without disturbing the beam are required. THE TECHNOLOGY The University of Manchester has invested six years of research into in situ xray beam characterisation methods. Four different beam imaging technologies were developed and integrated into a single compact device which can easily be installed in existing facilities. The instrument features a unique embedded system for data and image processing with a network port for host communication. This compact integrated solution for measurement of beam position, profile and imaging gives highly accurate information with high update rates. KEY BENEFITS
• transparent operation
• sub micrometer precision with high update rate
• vacuum compatible
• extensive diagnostics with multi modal results
• integrated solution complete with electronics
• active tool for feedback control
• various software interfaces (epics/gda, tango, spec)
• both bending magnet and insertion device solution APPLICATIONS
• Synchrotron and X-ray Laser facilities
• Laboratory based X-ray sources
• Particle accelerators
• Laser cutting machines INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY UK patent application has been filed by The University of Manchester OPPORTUNITY A fully functioning prototype with sub-micrometer resolution has been tested /
evaluated extensively at a third generation synchrotron radiation source. The device provides active feedback control signals to X-ray optical elements for cancelling any X-ray beam drifts. The team would like to hear from companies interested in:
• X-ray imaging sensors
• Photon beam diagnostics
• Smart camera systems Other applications of the device are currently being investigated. These include:
• Laser Cutting – extreme environments
• H/He ion beams
• Advanced image processing

Type of Offer: Licensing

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