Novel baby bottle nipple that mimics breast feeding

The Invention A new nipple for baby bottles has been developed that mimics breast feeding. The structure of the new nipple is based on the functional architecture of the breast nipple anatomy, thus enabling mimicking the physiological suckling pattern of milk from the mother's nipple. The breastfeeding-like feature of the new nipple allows milk suckling by the baby without complete sealing of the lips around the nipple in order to generate the suction pressure gradient. Potential Applications A new baby bottle nipple A training baby bottle nipple for breastfeeding A major component of a breastfeeding simulator research
Advantages Fits commercial baby bottles Manufactured in different sizes and softness to fit a variety of baby's mouth anatomy Reduces air swallowing by the baby Avoids airflow blockage between baby's lungs and the environment during feeding
Stage A prototype nipple has been manufactured

Inventor(s): David Elad

Type of Offer: Licensing

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