Targeted filamentous bacteriophages as therapeutic agents

The Invention Targeted drug-carrying filamentous bacteriophages have been developed as a novel therapeutic approach for the treatment of infectious diseases and cancer. The phages are genetically-modified to display an antibody or a targeting peptide as a targeting moiety on their surface and are used to deliver a cytotoxic drug to the target. The drug is linked to the phages by means of chemical conjugation through a labile linker subject to controlled release. In the conjugated state the cytotoxic drug is devoid of cytotoxic activity and is activated following its dissociation from the targeting phage at the target site in a temporally and spatially controlled manner. Potential Applications Novel targeted anti-infectious and anti cancer therapy Advantages Targeted,high capacity drug delivery system Controlled release Universal Stage Anti-bacterial efficacy studies using chloramphenicol linked (ester-bond or aminoglycosides) to targeted phages have demonstrated bactericidal effect (>30000 drug molecules per phage). Demonstrated enhancement of potency of ×30000 in comparison to the free drug. Anti cancer efficacy studies using hygromycin and doxorubicin linked to anti ErbB2 IgG expressing phages have demonstrated inhibition of growth in ErbB2 and EGFR over-expressing tumor cells. Demonstrated enhancement of potency of ×1000 in comparison to the free drug. Preliminary in vivo safety studies (toxicity and immunogenicity) have demonstrated that IV or IP injection of drug-carrying phages are non-toxic and with greatly reduced immunogenicity with multiple injections of up to 1011 phages / dose. Patent PCT/IL2006/000309 priority March 8, 2005

Inventor(s): Itai Benhar

Type of Offer: Licensing

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