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The Invention Alasan is a novel bioemulsifier produced by the microorganism Acinetobacter radioresistens KA53. It is a high molecular weight complex composed of an anionic polysaccharide containing a significant % of covalently bound alanine and four proteins.
The Need Emulsifiers are used widely in industry, in medical and cosmetic products and in food systems. Most commercially available emulsifiers are produced by chemical syntheses. The cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries are continually searching for improved, safe and effective formulation solutions for their products. Alternative, cost-effective synthesis routes for emulsifiers are also required.
Potential Applications Alasan has potential use in any formulation that involves oil-in-water emulsions, and suspensions of hydrophobic substances such as herbicides or pigments. In particular the following applications stand out: Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Detergents, Food Industry.
Advantages Alasan has already been produced in multiple cubic meter fermentors at a commercial fermentation facility. Alasan is temperature resistant allowing simple sterilization (120 Celsius) and separation after the fermentation step. Alasan is insensitive to electrolytes. Alasan can be used in a broad range of pH (4 to 12). Alasan has antioxidant activity (more potent than vitamin E) which provides it with the characteristics of an active ingredient.

Inventor(s): Eugene Rosenberg

Type of Offer: Licensing

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