Drug-Eluting Bioresorbable Composite Fibers for Medical Applications

The Invention A novel class of bioresorbable, composite (core/shell) fibers loaded with bioactive agents (hydrophobic or hydrophilic) has been developed. These fibers have:

excellent tensile mechanical properties (high strength and flexibility)
desired controlled release profile. controllable porosity (10-85%) (for release of various molecules in a desired controlled manner and absorption of water). A unique fabrication process of the fibers has also been developed that preserves activity of the bioactive agent (small molecule or protein).

Potential Applications The fibers will serve as basic elements for controlled drug release in:

Wound dressings with controlled release of antibiotics. Endovascular stents with controlled release of anti-proliferative drugs. Scaffolds for tissue regeneration with controlled release of growth factors. Local anti-cancer device.
Advantages FDA approved PDLGA polymer. Release of any bioactive agent (water soluble or water insoluble) in a controlled manner (several days - several months). The uniqueness of the fabrication process is that it preserves the activity of the bioactive agent (drug or protein). Excellent mechanical properties. These fibers can build new products or be incorporated in existing products.
Stage Controlled release of active gentamicin. Controlled release of active paclitaxel. Controlled release of active H.
Patent PCT/IL2006/001411 filed 7.12.06

Inventor(s): Meital Zilberman

Type of Offer: Licensing

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