Manufacture of Hollow Metal Nanostructures

Introduction Nanostructures with hollow interiors offer several advantages over their solid counterparts in terms of lower weight, decreased use of materials, and a reduction in cost. Other methods that are used to synthesize hollow nanostructures of gold result in low yields and the resulting particles often have rough surfaces, are polycrystalline, or have a non uniformity in shell thickness and composition. Technology description Our researchers have developed a new method and technique to synthesize large batches of structures with well defined void sizes, which are homogeneous and smooth. The finished products are highly crystalline walled nanostructures. A variety of metals have been successfully incorporated into this fabrication process. Hollow metal nanostructures with peak energy absorption tuned to near infrared wavelengths have been created, enabling drug delivery and image contrast enhancement. Business opportunity These hollow nanostructures can be used in material fabrication as ultralight fillers to generate electrically and thermally conductive composite materials. Selective drug delivery can be triggered via photothermal release using near-infrared light. Medical imaging can be improved using these compounds as contrast agents. Stage of development Our researchers have manufactured a variety of nanostructure shapes and forms, using a number of different metals, in an efficient, cost effective manner. Near infrared absorption and imaging contrast enhancement have been demonstrated. .

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