Valve and Injector Apparatus and Method for Improved Mixing in Diesel Engines

Introduction Uniform mixing of fuel and air is a pre-requisite for low emissions of NOx and soot, which is an essential requirement for new engines. Technology description Researchers at the UW have developed a method to improve the mixing inside the combustion chamber between the injected fuel and the intake air in direct injection engines. This is accomplished by a non-symmetric inlet valve that directs the momentum of inlet flow into the combustion chamber of a diesel engine so as to form a pair of counter-rotating vortices. Each vortex receives a spray of fuel from one of two fuel injectors so that the mixture ratio is identical for both vortices. Business opportunity This technology reduces emissions of NOx and soot. In addition, the technology will enable optimal burning of fuel which will result in increased mileage in automobiles. Stage of development Initial data exist for this technology. Intellectual property position This technology is available for licensing. The UW is currently reviewing this technology for worldwide patent protection.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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