Micro-Fabricated Heat Exchanger for High-Power Diode Laser

Introduction Diode bars, a type of high-power semiconductor laser, are finding increasing use due to their decreasing costs and high output power. However, they produce a significant amount of heat, and this can cause degradation and early failure of the laser and its mount and can complicate integration with other devices. Conventional methods of heat dissipation include simple copper heat spreaders, which suffer reduced lifetime due to thermal stress;
micro thermal electric coolers, which currently have insufficient heat flux capacity; and water cooling which can be cumbersome to integrate. More efficient heat dissipation for high-powered diode lasers is needed. Technology Description Professor Mescher at the University of Washington has developed a cooling system that is more appropriate for the high thermal output of diode bars and is more easily integrated with existing diode bar laser requirements. This composite device utilizes a series of dissipative technologies to effectively control the high thermal output of these powerful lasers while maintaining sufficient simplicity to be easily integrated into most existing diode bar installations. Business Opportunity This heat exchanger presents opportunities wherever high-power diode bar lasers are used to increase the life and reliability of the laser and reduce its ongoing cost and maintenance. These lasers are seeing increasing use in a diversity of fields, including materials processing, biomedical therapies and surgeries, and solid-state laser pumping. Intellectual Property Position

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