Inductive Salinometer with Data Logging Capabilities and Toroidal Sensor

Introduction Salinity levels in seawater are not constant and can vary dramatically both temporally and spatially due to phenomena such as temperature, precipitation, deep-water upwelling, and tidal action. These variations are especially pronounced in coastal and estuarine waters where seawater interfaces with land and fresh water. While technologies do exist to measure salinity, they do not currently exist to monitor it over time and space while unattended. Technology Description Professor Bushnell at the University of Washington has developed a submersible inductive salinometer that has the ability to autonomously record the salinity in seawater over large areas for weeks at a time. The measurements are stored locally and easily retrieved later. With this device, small changes in salinity levels of entire regions can be cheaply and easily mapped and monitored. The toroidal salinity sensor is a completely encased, non-contact sensor. Since it is designed to be field deployable, the casing is robust and bio-fouling resistant while maintaining compactness and affordability. Business Opportunity Many plant and animal species are heavily impacted by drastic and sudden changes in salinity, and the health of a population or an entire ecosystem could be better understood with more complete data on salinity levels—especially in coastal and estuarine regions. This technology could be coupled to the health and environmental impact of fisheries and sites of aquaculture. Natural disasters like hurricanes and tsunamis can drastically affect salinity levels, and this technology could be adapted for an evaluative, or even predictive, role in disaster understanding and mitigation. Intellectual Property Position The UW is currently reviewing this technology for worldwide patent protection. For more information on this technology contact:
Jim Roberts Business Development Officer [email protected] 206-616-1097

Type of Offer: Licensing

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