Air Velocity Sensor System

Introduction Detailed airflow measurements are not always easy or practical to obtain, especially when needing them over multiple points in time and space, when needing high precision, or when needing data from normally inaccessible locations. Technology Description Professor Mamishev at the University of Washington has developed an air velocity sensor system that enables detailed air velocity measurements over a predefined two-dimensional field of motion at small intervals. The system is fully programmable to move and to collect data at intervals set to user-defined parameters. It provides precise and accurate measurements that can be obtained remotely. Business Opportunity This system for the two-dimensional and temporal measuring of air velocity presents opportunities in many engineering and industrial applications where hand-held measurements and continual monitoring would be impractical. Key applications include inside HVAC ducts, on top of skyscrapers and bridges, high-altitude or otherwise inaccessible environmental monitoring, or research and development in aerodynamics and similar fields—possibly even as a component of lander spacecraft for measurements on interstellar bodies. Stage of Development A working prototype of this technology has been developed. Intellectual Property Position The UW is currently reviewing this technology for worldwide patent protection.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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