Fixed Site Carrier Polymer Membrane for high pressures

Research into CO2 technology is receiving increased attention due to the rapid increase in concentration the last 100 years, and the problems that it may cause for our environment. This technology is developed to clean combustion gases of CO2 so that it can be stored or used for enhanced oil recovery and then stored.

DESCRIPTION NTNU researchers have investigated polymer membranes and found a material and preparation route that gives a membrane with a power of separation 30 times higher than that of comparable polymer membranes, has sufficient durability and gives a sufficient ROI for the customer compared to other means of separating CO2. This particular membrane can work at 40 bar.

• High stability and durability
• No contamination of gas flow
• Technology for mass production is in place
• Market for applications in sweetening of natural gas are ready

• Sweetening of natural gas
• CO2 separation Trond Gifstad E-mail: Mobile: +47 91 77 78 08

Inventor(s): Liyuan Deng, Taek-Joong Kim, May-Britt Hägg

Type of Offer: Licensing

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