Contra-Rotating Propeller for Hydropower

Mini- and micro power plants have become more important in recent years, and small-scale water turbines are in demand. The contra-rotating propeller is easily manufactured, easy to move and adapt from one water- course to another. It can serve as a power generator, pressure reducer or as an element in irrigation installations. The versatile invention makes use of well-known technology concepts in a new design.

DESCRIPTION The research community at NTNU water power laboratory and SINTEF technology management have collaborated in developing a new technology to render the possibilities of manufacturing low-cost, small-scale, dependable turbine/generator solutions for micro- and mini power stations.

The efforts have resulted in a new water power device of a simple and unique design with turbine, generator and shaft all included in one unit. The machine is especially efficient at low effect levels (50-200kW). Furthermore, the machine is adaptable to diverse watercourses of higher flow rates. A chain of machines can be linked together in serial or parallel systems to enhance the output.

• Multiple areas of use, diversity/adaptability
• Module-based individual units
• Low installation and maintenance costs

• Waterworks
• Pressure reducer
• Irrigation systems

• Prototype completion
• Efficiency test completed
• Field test and efficiency improvement imminent E-mail: Mobile: +47 90 60 99 56 01102006

Inventor(s): Nils Holte, Torbjørn K. Nilsen, Johnny Røyrvik

Type of Offer: Licensing

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