Burner for combustion of gaseous fuels

During the production of heavy oils from, for example oil-sand, it is necessary to burn gaseous fuels produced in the process of cracking the heavy molecules of the heavy oils.

DESCRIPTION The inventors of the technology are researchers at NTNU and SINTEF. The invention consists of a burner geometry and a method for using the burner. When burning gaseous fuels it is important to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides. This burner is based on a simple geometry that is suitable for burning several types of natural gas, like methane, butane, propane or mixtures of these and other gaseous fuels.

• Low concentration of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gases
• High burning efficiency
• High flame stability at various conditions
• No need to pre-mix fuel and air, thus ensuring a safer operation

• Fish farming installationsProduction facilities for production of heavy oils from oilsand

Inventor(s): Mario Ditaranto, Øystein Spangelo, Otto Kristian Sønju, Torbjørn Slungaard

Type of Offer: Licensing

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