Recuperative heat exchanger for aluminium production

The production of aluminium results in huge amounts of waste gas which consume a lot of power in disposal because the gas holds a high temperature. It is essential to recuperate as much heat as possible from the waste gas, a procedure that is limited by current technology.

If a solution can be found to purify the gas more efficiently, power costs will be reduced, improving the total productivity of the aluminium plant.

DESCRIPTION The present invention relates to upstream cooling of crude gas, enabling increased production through reduced waste emission. Today the heat recuperation temperature is limited by impure particles forming an insulating layer on the cooling surfaces which make the process less efficient. In this project, surface geometry principles providing a self-cleaning effect is the main advantage in comparison to existing technology. Control of gas flow and flow patterns balances the particle accumulation on the heat surfaces, enabling increased heat recuperation, efficient cleaning of crude gas and power savings.

• Increased heat recuperation potential
• Cost-effective solution
• Higher productivity in aluminium production process

• Aluminium production facilities
• Gas purification installations

• Patent pending (PCT)
• Laboratory tests performed
• Small-scale tests on location to be initiated

PATENT INFORMATION • “A method and equipment for heat recovery”, WO2005NO00262

Inventor(s): Otto Kristian Sønju, Erling Næss, Bjørn Petter Moxnes

Type of Offer: Licensing

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