Liquefied Natural Gas Chain

The technology has its main application in the area of LNG handling. An improved transport chain involving CO2, nitrogen and LNG is incorporated to obtain enhanced oil recovery while optimizing ship utilization and saving power by preservation of cooling properties in both ends of the new LNG chain.

DESCRIPTION The concept of the new LNG chain is preservation of cooling capabilities both on- and offshore. Using CO2 and nitrogen as cold carriers in a novel LNG offshore process, liquefied CO2 (LCO2) and liquefied nitrogen (LN) are transported offshore in combined carriers. The outcome should be an efficient and robust ship-based transport chain of stranded natural gas for power production, with CO2 capture where CO2 heated by the cooling of natural gas is re-injected into an oil field for enhanced oil recovery.

• Offshore LNG process, self-contained with power
• Up to 100% ship utilization
• Offshore production of LNG

• Oil and gas production
• Tail production of oilfields with associated gas

• “Apparatus and methods for natural gas transportation and processing”, UK0614250.9

Erik Wold E-mail: Mobile: +47 90 60 99 56 01102006

Inventor(s): Audun Aspelund

Type of Offer: Licensing

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