Droplet Compartmentalization for Chemical Separations and On-Line Sampling

Introduction The ability to separate complex mixtures of chemicals and biomolecules is an important component of any chemical synthesis or biological processing. To date, there is no technology available to combine the high resolution of analytical separations with monodisperse droplet generation. Integrating these two technologies will allow for the detailed analysis of extremely low concentration analytes, such as are found in single cells, sub-cellular organelles, or low concentration synthetic products without sample loss. It will also facilitate automation, because droplets are easy to direct and manipulate. For on-line sampling, the use of droplet compartmentalization will eliminate axial dispersion, thus offering faster temporal resolution and minimizing sample loss. Technology description Daniel Chiu’s laboratory has developed a device and method capable of compartmentalizing chemical separations into discrete droplets, thereby preventing sample loss. This invention can also use droplets to compartmentalize analytes for online sampling applications. In addition to compartmentalizing separations, this technique can be easily integrated with many existing techniques that would benefit by having a separation performed up-stream of droplet generation. Business Opportunity Incorporation of this technology in drug design and discovery will allow for multipledimension separations without increasing the amount of sample required, thereby reducing cost and allowing for further examination of synthetic products. Intellectual property position There is a US patent pending on this technology. For more information on this technology contact:
Bolong Cao, Ph.D. Licensing Officer, Invention Licensing bolongc@u.washington.edu 206-685-9348

Type of Offer: Licensing

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