Novel Compound Semiconductor Use as a Buffer Layer for Controlled Oxide Growth on Silicon

Introduction An area of research that has gained increasing importance in recent years is the controlled growth of oxides other than SiO2 on silicon. Technology description Researchers at the UW have developed the use of Ga2Se3 as a novel buffer layer preventing SiOx and silicide formation during the controlled growth of oxides on silicon. Oxides can be grown on silicon without unwanted silicon reactions, and the growth of titanium dioxide (TiO2) has been demonstrated. Business opportunity Oxides, and TiO2 in particular, are materials of growing interest in many research fields. The anatase form of TiO2 is a wide band-gap oxide semiconductor that is nearly lattice-matched to Si (001), a commonly used substrate in silicon-based electronics. Stage of development Initial data exist for this technology. Intellectual property position This technology is available for licensing. The UW is currently reviewing this technology for worldwide patent protection.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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