Microfluidic Platform for Assessment of Blood Coagulation

Introduction Advances in microfluidic technology are constantly opening doors to new and exciting applications, such as point-of-care diagnostic devices. These microscale diagnostic platforms will enable faster, cheaper, and more accurate patient evaluation for a wide array of parameters. One such parameter is the coagulation capacity of blood, abnormalities in which can be indicative of a wide variety of pathologies. The ability to more quickly and easily assess this, especially in an ambulatory situation, would greatly influence global health. Technology Description Professor Pozzo at the University of Washington has developed a shockproof, single-use, disposable microfluidic platform capable of quickly assessing the coagulation capacity of blood in ambulatory environments. Samples require only minimal amounts of blood mixed with any of a variety of coagulation-inducing agents, and once loaded, this device utilizes thumb-activated, pressure-driven flow to advance the sample through a series of microchannels. As coagulation proceeds in the sample, the viscosity increases until the sample is no longer able to advance. The distance traveled, measured against a standard, directly correlates to coagulation capacity. Business Opportunity Effective microfluidic assays that can evaluate the coagulation of blood present opportunities for point-of-care patient evaluation. Key applications include dosing for anticoagulants, monitoring for hemophiliacs and stroke patients, and diagnosis for a variety of pathologies, such as angina, neonatal sepsis, recurrent miscarriage, and liver disease. Insensitive to shock, his device is appropriate for ambulatory situations, such as in emergency response, and for use in developing regions. Stage of Development A working prototype of this technology has been developed. Intellectual Property Position The UW is currently reviewing this technology for worldwide patent protection.

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