Screening for Drugs Targeting tRNA Synthetase

Introduction Dr Jonathan Gallant’s laboratory has developed biomaterials that identify specific tRNA deficiencies within cells. These biomaterials can be used to screen for compounds which inhibit tRNA synthetases, such as certain classes of antibiotics, as well as to ensure efficient protein expression in recombinant systems. Technology description This technology involves a DNA sequence inserted into a plasmid-borne reporter gene causing the gene’s expression to vary with availability of a specific and specifiable aminoacyl-tRNA isoacceptor. A simple colorimetric assay is used to identify tRNA imbalances such as those caused by expression of heterologous genes and to measure the effectiveness of techniques used to remediate these imbalances. In addition, this simple assay can be used to identify compounds capable of inhibiting tRNA synthetases that may have antibiotic properties. Business opportunity This technology can identify pharmaceutical compounds targeting tRNA synthetase. In addition, it can be used for protein expression optimization, either sold as a research reagent in kits or to increase commercial production efficiency. Stage of development Biomaterials have been developed and are available for license. Related Publication(s)
Molecular Microbiology 2003, 48:1267-1274

Type of Offer: Licensing

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