Dact1 (Dpr1/Frodo1) Conditional Knockout Mice

Introduction Wnts are secreted signaling proteins important in development and disease in multicellular animals. These signaling proteins help regulate cell fate specification, cell morphology, cell proliferation, cell migration, cell polarity, tissue patterning, and therapeutic processes such as stem cell biology and wound healing. Misregulation of Wnt signaling in people is linked to a wide variety of diseases including polycystic kidney disease, ulcerative colitis, schizophrenia, many forms of cancer (colon, breast, liver cancer, and others), and cancer progression. In vertebrates, Dact1 is a protein that has been shown to be important for proper Wnt signaling. Technology description The development of a conditional mouse knockout for Dact1 allows for specific studies of Wnt signaling. Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a strain of mice that can be crossed to proper strains of Cre mice to allow for the specific inactivation, spatially and/or temporally, of the Dact1 gene product. These mice can then be used to study different physiological and pathological functions of Dact1. Business opportunity Wnt signaling is important for a wide variety of diseases and further studies of Dact1 will allow for a better understanding of such diseases. Stage of development These mice have been created and are available for use.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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