Diagnosis and Treatment of Malignancy

Introduction Novel methods for the detection, monitoring, treatment, and prevention of malignancies have been developed that are based on the body’s own immune response to cell surface markers on cancer cells. Technology description Detection of the proliferation of T-cells in response to in vitro exposure to cell surface markers of cancer, or detection of immunocomplexes formed between the cell surface marker and antibodies in body fluid, allows the diagnosis of the presence of a malignancy. This technology also provides for the monitoring of a patient’s immune responsiveness on an ongoing basis to follow the efficacy of treatment, treatment of a malignancy via priming of T-cells against specific cancer markers, or immunization against a portion of the cancer marker protein. Business opportunity Due to the difficulties in the current approaches to cancer diagnosis and therapy, there is a need for improved methods and compositions. The novel approach taken in this technology provides for such an improvement. Stage of development The ability to prime T-cells and detect malignancy through T-cell proliferation has been demonstrated. Intellectual property position

Type of Offer: Licensing

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