Identification of Genes Involved in Cell Viability

Introduction Genes involved in cell viability are targets for diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic products related to aging. This technology encompasses methods, reagents, and pharmacological agents useful for extending life spans. Technology description Chronological lifespan in yeast has been likened to aging of post mitotic tissues. In yeast, chronological life span analysis measures the time that a yeast cell can retain viability under non-replicative conditions. To identify genes that regulate longevity in the budding yeast, a large-scale analysis was conducted with a set of single-gene–deletion strains. Business opportunity The US market for anti-aging products is an emerging industry, and yet is already in excess of $20 billion dollars a year. Currently, little is known about the underlying mechanisms of aging, and how to manipulate them. This technology offers exclusivity for products modulating genes involved in aging. Stage of development Genes involved with increased cell viability have been identified. Animal models are being pursued. Intellectual property position US non-provisional patent application has been filed.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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