Fabrication of Electroninc and Microfluidic Structures on Elastomeric Materials

Introduction It has long been desired to have microfabrication techniques that enable the construction of integrated electromechanical devices for such things as reagent handling, temperature control, and pumping. Commercially available microfluidic devices are predominantly fabricated in expensive materials such as silicon and glass. However, due to cost limitations, the use of these devices has been limited. In addition, while there is considerable experience in building devices of complex functionality, they are problematic even for laboratory use due to extensive and expensive fabrication processes. Technology description Researchers at the University of Washington have developed methods for fabricating electronic structures on elastomeric substrates. These substrates have the advantage of being easy and inexpensive to fabricate, and the flexibility of the substrate makes it an idea material for fabricating pumps and valves. Business opportunity This technology should be of interest to the microfluidics field, particularly for companies seeking to combine electronic structures on chips with active fluid handling. Intellectual property position The UW has a US patent pending on this technology.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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