Prism for Millipol Technology

Introduction For more than two centuries, polarized light microscopes have been used to study linear birefringence and linear dichroism in all manner of organized media. However, deriving quantitative information from the colorful signatures rendered by the polarizing microscope has required the use of external components like optical retarders and in general required the alignment of the sample with the polarimetric reference system of the microscope. Methods have been developed that allow the measurement of linear birefringence and direction of eigenrays of a solid employing various modulating techniques. One of the drawbacks of currently available birefringence imaging systems is the long lag time required for each image to be acquired, analyzed, and displayed. The use of these systems in high volume settings, such as pathology labs and industrial quality control, is limited by the lack of real-time analysis capability. UW researchers have invented Millipol, a microscope to measure time-dependent changes of the optical indicatrix on a millisecond timescale. Technology description Researchers at the UW have invented a prism to be used with their Millipol technology. A small add-on piece was constructed that is constructionally/mechanically stable and can be shipped easily. Inside the add-on is an image multiplexer that replaces an industrial part previously used for the Millipol technique to enhance performance and achieve greater independence. A process was devised to make themple prism based multiplexer at much reduced costs. The software accompanying the polarimetric image multiplexing add-on is a ‘ready to go’ package that adapts to different configurations or hardware and is user friendly. Business opportunity The image quality of the Millipol microscope with this invention reaches almost that of the expensive embodiment of the system with the industrial part at less than 10% of the costs. Stage of Development A working prototype exists for this technology. Related Publication(s)
Kaminsky W, Simultaneous false-colour imaging of birefringence, extinction and transmittance at camera speed, Journal of Microscopy. 2007 Nov; 228(2): 153-164.

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