A Staged Balloon-Tipped Overtube for Endoscopic Peritoneal Access

Technology description Researchers at the UW have developed a staged balloon-tipped overtube for improved peritoneal access, particularly applicable to trans-gastric endoscopic surgery. The field of minimally invasive surgery has recently focused on the use of natural body lumens as a point of entry for endoscopic surgery within the peritoneal cavity. Current research in translumenal surgery shows potential to minimize scarring, while reducing patient pain and recovery time. Gastric access is challenging, because the length of the esophageal passage. Trans-gastric surgeries either leave a shortened “working length” for standard endoscopes, or require the use of longer endoscopic equipment, which may be more difficult to manipulate during surgery. The staged endoscope designed by UW surgeons provides sufficient overtube length for gastric peritoneal access, but substantially increases the working length of standard endoscopic equipment during surgery. Business opportunity The improved overtube will increase the ease of natural lumen endoscopic surgery, and will be of immediate interest to surgeons engaged in gastric translumenal surgeries, both for the ongoing research in this field, as well as for surgical treatment of patients. Stage of development A functioning prototype has been designed, fabricated and successfully tested in large animal surgery. Intellectual property position The UW has recorded this invention and plans to initiate patent filing. For more information on this technology contact:
Chris Igielski Technology Manager Cti2@u.washington.edu 206-685-4681

Type of Offer: Licensing

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