Localization Wire for Surgical Excision of Breast Lesions

Introduction With the introduction of screening mammography, the median tumor size has decreased considerably, and approximately half of breast cancers in surgical practice are non palpable and amenable to breast conserving surgery. Traditionally, non palpable lesions are excised with a wire or wires as guiding tools, which are critical for defining the extent of the abnormal tissue. The two wire shapes that are currently used are the J-shaped and the barbed. The J-shaped, often referred as the “Homer” is retrievable and removable, but can come out prematurely during an operation if the surgeon pulls on it with too much force. This can result in failed surgery and repeating visits to the operating room. The barbed wire, often referred to as the “Kopans” is much harder to remove accidentally but its sharp tip can be broken or pushed too deeply and disappear inside the breast. Wire fracture and migration may require at least two additional and very expensive operations to find the wire and perform a new surgery. Technology description Dr Peter Eby has invented a new wire that cannot be removed or pushed accidentally and that combines the strengths of both the J-shaped and barbed wires. Business Opportunity The increased use of screening mammography has led to an increase in the detection rate of nonpalpable mammary lesions, with a frequency of nonpalpable breast cancers that has doubled in the last 10 years. Surgical excision of a suspect nonpalpable lesion is recommended and in such cases, preoperative mammographic localization of the lesion is required. Dr Eby’s technology will not only increase accuracy of localization but also decrease costs associated with accidental displacement of the currently used localization wires. Intellectual Property Position University of Washington has applied for patent protection to secure the rights to this technology. For more information on this technology contact:
Angela Loihl, Ph.D., M.B.A. Licensing Officer, UW TechTransfer aloihl@u.washington.edu 206-543-3970

Type of Offer: Licensing

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