Integrated Platform for Chemical Profiling of Ultrasmall Subcellular Compartments from a Single Cell

Introduction The ability to analyze biological and chemical activity at the subcellular level is limited by the tools that are currently available. Typically a choice between the spatial fidelity of imaging techniques or the detailed chemical and biological information available using various separation techniques needs to be made. This invention combines the benefits of these two approaches into one integrated platform. Technology description The inventors have demonstrated a system to isolate intact organelles and other subcellular compartments inside a cell, perform nanoscale reactions with the contents of the extracted compartments, and then analyze and detect biological and chemical information down to the single molecule level. Business opportunity An integrated system that allows for the directed extraction and analysis of specific subcellular components has the potential to have a large impact over a broad spectrum of the life science and pharmaceutical discovery marketplace. The importance of compartmentalization and trafficking of molecules within the cell in both normal cell functioning and pathological conditions is increasingly being explored in biological research and drug discovery efforts. Stage of development Proof of concept has been demonstrated for this analysis platform. Intellectual property position The UW has applied for patent protection to secure the rights to this technology.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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