Intensity Referenced Oxygen and Pressure Sensor

Introduction Oxygen and air pressure measurement are used in a number of analytical and monitoring applications. When a single oxygen or pressure sensor is used it is difficult to produce reproducible and quantifiable results due to temperature and concentration dependent measurement variations. An internally referenced sensor system can overcome these variations and produce consistent, comparable results. Technology description The inventors have developed a dual compound oxygen and pressure sensing system. This dual sensor system has been formulated in polymer coatings and microsphere-based powders. Business opportunity This sensor system has a number of analytical and quality control applications. As a research tool, the microsphere-based sensor can be used to directly measure pressure in flowing gasses, rather than the indirect measurements of pressure that are currently made using velocimetry systems. Oxygen concentration can be visualized in real-time for physiology studies and medical diagnostic applications. As a packaging integrity system, the sensor can be used to ensure that sterile and oxygen–free environments have not been compromised. Stage of development Oxygen and pressure sensing formulations have been developed as coatings and microsphere preparations. A packaging integrity sensor has also been developed. Current development efforts involve expanding the sensor capabilities to include pH, temperature, and carbon dioxide concentration. Intellectual property position The UW has applied for patent protection on this technology. Reference Sensors and Actuators, B97, 13-21 (2004)

Type of Offer: Licensing

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