Shallow Melt Apparatus for Semicontinuous Czochralski Crystal Growth

The present invention relates to growing crystals without encountering the problems normally associated with conventional Czochralski crystal growth of: strong melt convection that causes deteriorated crystal quality, constantly changing thermal conditions; segregation causing non-uniformity in dopant concentrations; a slow growth rate and an uncontrollable interface shape; slow turn around between crystal ingots; and significant loss of feedstock materials if a growth run fails. The invention eliminates the foregoing problems through the use of a shallow melt with a heat shield and an interface heater-heat sink to overcome microdefects, stress management and defect minimization, swift turnaround between crystal ingots, and the saving of feedstock materials through the use of a double barrier that offsets connecting holes for replenishing the melt.

US 6,984,263   [MORE INFO]

Inventor(s): Tihu Wang; Theodore F. Ciszek

Type of Offer: Licensing

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