Using liquid desiccant as a regenerable filter for capturing and deactivating contaminants

A method, and systems for implementing such method, for purifying and conditioning air of weaponized contaminants. The method includes wetting a filter packing media with a salt-based liquid desiccant, such as water with a high concentration of lithium chloride. Air is passed through the wetted filter packing media, and the contaminants are captured with the liquid desiccant while the liquid desiccant dehumidifies the air. The captured contaminants are then deactivated in the liquid desiccant, which may include heating the liquid desiccant. The liquid desiccant is regenerated by applying heat to the liquid desiccant and then removing moisture. The method includes repeating the wetting with the regenerated liquid desiccant, which provides a regenerable filtering process that captures and deactivates contaminants on an ongoing basis while also conditioning the air. The method may include filtration effectiveness enhancement by electrostatic or inertial means.

US 7,306,650   [MORE INFO]

Inventor(s): Steven J. Slayzak; Ren Anderson; Ronald D. Judkoff; Daniel M. Blake; Todd B. Vinzant; Joseph P. Ryan

Type of Offer: Licensing

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