Low-Band Gap Double-Heterostructure InAsP/GaInAs Photovoltaic Converters

A low-bandgap, double-heterostructure PV device is provided, including in optical alignment a first InP.sub.1-y As.sub.y n-layer formed with an n-type dopant, an Ga.sub.x In.sub.1-x As absorber layer, the absorber layer having an n-region formed with an n-type dopant and an p-region formed with a p-type dopant to form a single pn-junction, and a second InP.sub.1-y As.sub.y p-layer formed with a p-type dopant, wherein the first and second layers are used for passivation and minority carrier confinement of the absorber layers.

US 6,300,557   [MORE INFO]

Inventor(s): Mark W. Wanlass

Type of Offer: Licensing

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