Spatial Light Modulator

Summary This is a fluidic all-optical switch that alters the path of a light beam by controlling the geometry of a reflective surface that is defined by the interface between two fluids. The device has also been described as a "deformable mirror," since it employs conducting polymers and fluids.

The key to the device's operation is the interface between the first fluid and the second fluid, which defines a "tunable" reflective surface. By applying an electrical field across the second fluid, its geometry is altered sufficiently to redirect a light beam in one or more directions for a range of incident angles.

Advantages of the optical switch, which does not rely on micro-mechanical structures, mirrors, or other schemes, include being able to redirect an incident light beam between two points within 1 millisecond. The optical switch is also able to redirect an incident light beam from one or more incoming directions to a multiplicity of directions. Since the device is analog in nature, the output beam can be steered in a continuous manner.

Applications The switch is suitable for many different applications including 1-to-n switching interface with a single input switching to a plurality of outputs. Moreover, the switch may be activated to maintain a constant light displacement for prolonged periods of time with a small electrostatic voltage. For Further Information Please Contact the Director of Business Development Alan Gordon Email: Telephone: (617) 384-5000

Inventor(s): Jurga, Stanley M

Type of Offer: Licensing

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