Method of Creating Self-Assembled, Selectively-Permeable Colloidosome Structures

Summary Colloidosomes are spherical shells of micron-sized particles made by the simple technique of self-assembly onto emulsion droplets. These hollow, elastic capsules are ideal for efficiently encapsulating active agents for selective and timed release because they are highly controllable in strength, permeability and elasticity. Colloidosomes are an enabling technology with a variety of applications from functional foods to drug delivery to biotech and metallurgy.

Capsules are composed of a close-packed layer of colloidal particles (material is organic, inorganic, or a biocompatible polymer), linked together with van der Waals forces, polyelectrolytes, a swelling method, or by sintering. The interstices between the particles form a size-controllable array of pores.

This invention describes methods to easily create, stabilize, and activate colloidosomes that encapsulate active agents or other materials.

Advantages Enabling ------------ Colloidosomes and production scalability enable new products and markets Customizable Size -------------- Micron to millimeter size range allows use in many applications and materials Permeability ---- Nano- and micro-pores allow selective and timed release of active agents Composition ---- Encapsulant variety allows manipulation by heat, chemicals, electric fields, etc. Strength ---------- Yield strength of at least 20 Pa enables release to be defined by shear rates Compatibility --- Immunoisolates fragile, sensitive material, such as biomolecules and cells Efficient ------------- Colloiodosome assembly allows encapsulation without diluting active agents

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Inventor(s): Weitz, David A.

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