Array of Micro Differential Scanning Calorimeters for Combinatorial Studies

Summary Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is a primary technique for measuring the thermal properties of materials. A typical DSC system requires relatively large amounts of test material, making thermal measurements on nano-scale samples difficult if not impossible. Thus, while traditional DSC has proved a very useful technique, its application in nanotechnology is rather limited. Since the properties of materials on the nano-scale may differ significantly from their bulk counterparts, a DSC system that is sensitive enough to probe nano-scale quantities is desirable. Furthermore, traditional DSC systems are limited to taking one measurement at a time, and a new sample must be loaded between each measurement. This severely limits the use of a traditional DSC in combinatorial studies at the nano-scale. The invention improves these limitations. The invention involves a novel differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) that consists of an array of micromachined sensors. Individual sensors are based on a proven design and have a resolution in the nanoJoule/K range. The array design makes it possible to significantly reduce the time to analyze a large number of samples and to use the DSC system for combinatorial studies of materials phenomena. Measurements will be performed in a vacuum chamber with integrated probe station. Special signal conditioning and data acquisition hardware will be designed to maximize the signal to noise ratio. This new approach to combinatorial calorimetry greatly expedites the analysis of the nano-scale material thermal properties (for example phase transformations, melting points, Curie temperatures, heat capacities) of a wide range of materials.

Applications Pharmaceutical and Polymer Industries For Further Information Please Contact the Director of Business Development Daniel Behr Email: Telephone: (617) 495-3067

Inventor(s): Vlassak, Joost

Type of Offer: Licensing

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