Method and Apparatus for Forming Multiple Emulsions

Summary Everyday emulsions have drops of one liquid dispersed in an immiscible continuous liquid. A multiple emulsion has immiscible droplets dispersed in drops dispersed in an immiscible continuous liquid (double emulsion). The IP describes a simple apparatus that can make multiple emulsions with a high degree of control - such as the ability to make emulsions of one droplet in one drop and to control the relative sizes of each. The IP claims a platform for making double emulsions, which have many uses in the personal care, food, and pharmaceutical industries. They allow the isolation of fragile active substances (drugs, flavorants, perfumes) dissolved or suspended in the innermost droplets from the environment until they are needed. Many complex and functional core shell structures can be made by dissolving prepolymers, polymers or lipids in the outer droplet to make polymersomes and liposomes encasing the inner droplet(s); or the placing of colloidal particles in the continuous liquid can make colloidisomes with controllable permeability. Living cells can be encased inside the structures as cellular factories protected from the environment. A PCT application was filed March 6, 2006. For more information please see Science 308, 537 - 541, (2005) and Langmuir 21, 9183-9186, (2005)

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Inventor(s): Link, Darren R.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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