Novel 4-Substituted Indole compounds and methods for making same

The basic indole structure has been a structure of great interest to synthetic and medicinal chemists because of its presence in a large number of biologically active agents. For the most part, the current methods for producing substituted indole mo lecules rely upon cyclization of a suitably substituted precursor. More recently, research has been investigating asymmetric functionalization of the indole core itself by taking advantage of the relatively nucleophilic 3-position.

While the 3- position of the indole core has been successfully functionalized using current chemistry, functionalization of the 4-position of the core indole ring has shown to be extremely difficult. Using a chiral catalyst, functionalization of this 4-position has become possible. This functionalization of the 4-position of the indole core could lead to libraries of new pharmacologically active compounds.

Categories: Materials & Chemicals, Therapeutic and Vaccines

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