Isolation of Functional Smooth Muscle Cells using Tissue Specific Promoters

Chemical engineers at the University at Buffalo have developed a method for isolating a patient’s own functional smooth muscle cells from hair follicles, bone marrow, cord blood or peripheral blood cells. The cells isolated via this method have shown utility in at least one tissue engineering application: tissue engineered vasculature (TEV). TEVs developed using these cells demonstrate all the functional characteristics of normal vasculature,including but not limited to mechanical strength and vascular reactivity, all in as few as 2 weeks. Further, studies show that when implanted, these TEVs remain patent and functional for at least 15 weeks (when the experiments were completed); exhibit matching compliance with existing vessels; and fail to elicit a detectable immune response.

Categories: Therapeutic and Vaccines, Biomedical Engineering

Type of Offer: Licensing

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