Use of hair follicle cells for tissue engineering of artificial organs or cell therapy

Many different tissues have been identified as stem cell sources for cell-based tissue engineering and cell therapies. However, the procurement of such cells is limited by ethical issues or the accessibility of donor sites. A definite need exists for an alternative, easily accessible stem cell source to facilitate cell-based tissue engineering. Chemical and biological engineers at the University at Buffalo have isolated a population of multipotent stem cells from the human hair follicle. These c ells exhibit high proliferative potential and clonogenic ability and are able to be cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen. Studies revealed that this stem cell population can differentiate toward adipogenic, chondrogenic, osteogenic and myogenic lineages similar to bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, thus possessing broad regenerative potential.

Categories: Therapeutic and Vaccines, Biomedical Engineering

Type of Offer: Licensing

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