Diverisfied Xerogel-Based Sensors to Improved Analyte Detection and Quantification

Chemical sensor arrays are low cost, compact, robust and versatile alternatives to large analytical tools and hence drive the need to rapidly fabricate reusable chemical sensor arrays for simultaneous multi-analyte quantification.

This invention includes the rapid fabrication of reusable chemical sensor arrays for simultaneous multi-analyte quantification by machining a novel array of minature spherical sensor sensor dots atop an LED. The array can be specifically tailored for any known cla ss of analytes. LED's provide an inexpensive sensor light source, low power consumption, and automated, customizable fabrication procedure. LEDs have a very long lifetime (>10,000 hrs) are physically robust (solid state) and can be computer contr led for unattended operation. Novel porous chemical xerogels with recognition chemicals (luminophores sequestered within) form the dots. Diversification (many sensors, each with different luminophores for one analyte) makes several independent measurements o f analyte quantity possible which reduces errors and increases accuracy. This invention seeks to exploit the statistical tool of diversification to create a library of sensors (for a given analyte) with distinctive responses. The distinctive values are:

a)The calibration curves and response times generated are linear and distinct. b)There is no limit on the number of luminophore-based sensors that can be prepared and used for a single analyte; More will mean better results. c)The invention

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