An Improved Process for the Preparation of a Symmetrical Thiopyrylium Pentamethine Dye Useful in Graphic Arts Imaging

Pyrylium based compounds are ideal as sensitizing dyes in the world of lasers. Earlier methods of manufacturing thio- and seleno-pyrylium based compounds did not take off due to the high costs and difficulties of synthesis. Pyrylium compounds functio n in the infra region and are valued for use with organic matter. This invention describes a novel method of synthesizing thiopyrylium and seleno-pyrylium pentamethine compounds. The method includes the following values:

a)Ease and low cost of man ufacture; acetylene as the starting material makes for viability on a commercial scale b)High MEC of 3.84 x 105 L/mol/cm, higher than most available compounds. c)Low crystallization effects, characteristic of pyrylium compounds. d)Works with infr red and visible light; Also works well with incoherent beams. e)Presently a few compounds of a class (thio- and selenopyrylium pentamethine) have been synthesized; the process can easily lend itself to synthesize newer compounds of value.

The ma in application areas of use of laser dyes are: photoelectrophoretic photography, ordinary electrophotography (fax machines, laser printers, photocopying machines), photolithography, optical recording, laser spectroscopy, entertainment light shows, ra nge finding equipment, etc.

Categories: Optics, Materials & Chemicals Patents Issues: 6,458,967

US 6,458,967

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