Solution-processed pentacene quantum-dot polymeric hybrid nanocomposite photodetector

The present disclosure combines broad spectral access enabled by semiconductor nanocrystallites (different compositions and sizes having different band gaps) with enhanced carrier transport via high-mobility organic semiconductors, in a polymeric mat rix, to realize hybrid nanocomposite photodetectors. Using the prototypical species of PbSe QDs, and pentacene in a PVK matrix highly efficient IR photodetection and photoconductivity is achieved. Efficient harvesting of IR photo-generated carriers b y the PbSe QDs, and enhanced transport and conductance in the polymeric matrix boosted by pentacene, led to the highest photoconductive quantum efficiency achieved till date in polymeric devices at telecommunication wavelengths (Our Ref). This method can b e generalized to nanocomposites of many different compositions by using different semiconducting nanocrystalline QDs (e.g. ZnSe for UV, CdSe/CdS for visible, PbS/PbTe/InSb for IR) and other polymeric matrices to obtain active devices sensitive to li ght of different wavelengths

Categories: Optics, Nanotechnology

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