Non-Invasive Screening Device for Upper Aerodigestive Tract Neoplasia

Diagnostic medical equipments are probably one of the most important paraphernalias of the medical field. This is because of the fact that in all the medical procedures, diagnosis is the first step towards combating diseases. It assumes critical impo rtance when the diseases are of the nature that requires early detection for their cure e.g.: Cancer, Diabetes etc. However it is seen that sometimes the disease matures to a higher stage because of the failure to detect its early onset. The present methods of detection of certain types of diseases require special attention and time which may not be available to every person thereby exacerbating the curative process. The detection procedure can be made more effective if a quick, easy, non invasi ve and accurate methodology having the capability to test a large number of people is developed. The technology in focus here is the first step towards developing such a method

Categories: Medical Devices, Diagnostic

Type of Offer: Licensing

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