Macroporous Chitosan and Chitin Membranes

This invention describes a novel method to prepare macroporous chitosan and chitin membranes with high porosity and satisfactory mechanical strength. These membranes are hydrophilic and chemically reactive, and contain a large number of active group s. Hence, these are easily activated by common activation methods without the need to amplify the number of active groups. They could be excellent affinity membranes/ion exchange membranes for bio-separation (of enzymes, proteins) or could be used a s carriers for enzymes, in cells immobilization, and as artificial skin (wound dressing).

Compared to the phase inversion method or coating technique, this method provides the following advantages: (1) the preparation is simple and insensitive to evaporation conditions; (2) the membranes have high porosity, satisfactory mechanical properties and good chemical resistance; (3) the pore sizes in the membranes can be easily controlled by selecting an appropriate size of the porogen; (4) in contra st to most commercial membranes (relatively hydrophobic, chemically inert), these membranes are hydrophilic, and contain a large number of active groups (-OH and/or –NH2); therefore the amplification of the number of active groups contained is no lon ger necessary.

Categories: Materials & Chemicals, Screening

Patents Issues: 5,993,661

US 5,993,661

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