Method for the Preparation of Semiconductor Nanocrystal Cores, Core-Shell, Core-Buffer-Shell and Multiple Layer Systems in a Noncoordinating Solvent Utilizing in-situ Surfactant Generation

An earlier disclosure (technology no. 5824) revealed an in situ surfactant generation method to synthesize core semiconductor III – V nanocrystals (Indium Phosphide, Gallium Phosphide and Indium Arsenide). Those nanocrystals exhibited excellent surfa ce characterization and used a non-coordinating solvent (Benzene, Toluene). This invention adds layers atop the nanocrystal core, to aid in creating compounds with improved optical properties as well as in forming protective shells around useful-yet -toxic cores for use as bio-tracers and others. Other values are:

Layered nanocrystals (core-shell, buffer-core-shell and multi-layered) created rapidly with concomitant formation (in situ) of surface coating; no external surfactant required. Different combinations amongst III-V SCNCs and between III-V and II-VI (she , buffers and cores) possible; precursors can be manipulated to change surface nature, interior properties and size of NC.

Monodisperse (2.5 to 8 nm) with excellent size control; reproducibility; reduced costs, time and complexity; lower tempe res (150 - 300 degrees Celsius).

0.25 x 10 – 4 mM (about 50 mg) in quantity produced currently. Easy scalability. Primary applications will be in the area of research and use of III-V semiconductor nanocrystals and their combinations, nam pto-electronics, solar cells, sensors, fluorescence microscopy and others. These extend to extremely broad secondary application scenarios.

Categories: Nanotechnology, Materials & Chemicals

Patents Issues: 7,193,098

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