Hybrid Anti-Fouling Films

A novel coating is described by this invention for ships, rigs and other marine vessels that are exposed to marine organisms in oceans. The coating reacts with components that are available naturally in the ocean to produce an antifouling agent (hyp ohalous acids). The hypohalous acid diffuses from the xerogel film and serves as a barrier to species prone to adhere to the surface. The invention has a longer coating life, is environmentally friendly, and shows better efficacy than the currently marketed TBT (Tributylin) coating, banned from use after 2003 by regulatory agencies in the U.S.

Advantages of the technology:
A. Simple coating methods (i.e. spraying can be used)
B. Active agents do not leach from the film C. Active agents are not consumed to effect biofouling D. Active agents are environmentally benign and localized on the coating surface E. The anti-foulant does not alter ocean chemistry nor does it harm higher-order species

Categories: Environment, Materials & Chemicals Patents Issues: 7,244,295

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