HIV antisense ORF(s) and putative protein(s)

The current invention is a gene comprising an open reading frame on the plus strand of the pro-viral DNA, and located in the region of HIV-1 long terminal repeat. The gene encodes a protein that is related to, and has a structural motif resembling t hat of chemokine proteins. Depending upon the ribosomal frameshift, a plurality of proteins may be translated from the antisense RNA. The protein has similarity with chemokine SDF-1 and may play a role as a cofactor with gp120 in the binding to and entry of HIV to a target cell. In one embodiment, murine or humanized monoclonal antibodies may be developed from this invention for use as a therapeutic or drug screening tool. Other applications include but are not limited to use in diagnostic a ssays, use as an immunogen for therapeutic or prophylactic vaccines, and use as a therapeutic agonist or antagonist.

Categories: Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Vaccines

Patents Issues: 506221 6,392,029

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