Single frame laser scan ratio imaging using two wavelength excitation

For two distinct chromophore populations to be imaged and their ratio computed, currently two different laser excitations are raster scanned and alternately switched after each frame of data acquisition. Since there is a time lag (typically 100s of m illiseconds) between the imaging of the two, dynamical changes may have occurred in the appearance and characteristics of the second when the first is being imaged. This reduces the fidelity of visual information about the two populations as the imag es are not at the same instant and can introduce artifacts in the ratio images in case of fast changing. Further, in most cases this is done using mechanical shutters.

This invention describes a method, the necessary instrumentation apparatus, a nd the software by which it is possible to image two chromophore populations in any sample near-simultaneously, with the time lag reduced by several orders. This enhances dynamical accuracy in comparing between the two images as they are both created at almost the same instant. The invention also does away with mechanical shutters.

Applications of this technology are in micro-dimensional systems with two or more chromophore populations undergoing dynamical change that need analyses, such as b ioimaging (biological cells and tissues) and microchips and their secondary offshoots in medicine, drug and protein delivery, cell and tissue repair, electronics, etc.

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