Use of anti-T antibody to block metastasis of T antigen bearing tumors

Many cancer cells contain a carbohydrate structure on their surface known as the Thomsen-Friedenreich Antigen (TF-Ag). This antigen, which is not detectable on normal cells, plays a pivotal role in metastasis. An antibody which binds strongly to TF -Ag would be extremely useful in imaging cancer in vivo, blocking metastasis, and treating tumors with radioimmunotherapy. Unfortunately, this antibody has been difficult to isolate. Dr. Kate Rittenhouse-Olson has developed a monoclonal IgG3 antibo dy (JAA-F11) which promises to be the long-sought antibody. Work in her lab has already demonstrated that the antibody inhibits metastasis in mice and cancer cell growth in vitro. Further, the antibody specifically labels tumors for in vivo imaging applications. The labeling of the tumor was long-lasting with signal clearly detectable at least twenty days after the injection. This specificity and antibody binding strength makes radioimmunotherapy an attractive option.

Categories: Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Vaccines

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